U-Topia will be utilizing three different kinds of tokens in their entirety.


U-Coin is the token that will be listed in crypto exchanges where people buy and sell. U-Coin will represent U-Topia in those exchanges. It will have a limited token supply of 3,330,000,000.

Utility of U-Coin

  • It will be used for purchasing land in the metaverse

  • It will be used for staking and NFT minting (in-game assets such as weapons, clothes, pets)

  • It will be used for Breeding - creating more pockies

  • It will be used for purchasing U-Gold

  • It will be used as Gas fees currency


U-Gold is the in-game money that players will use to buy and sell in-game items, i.e., weapons, shields, armor, etc. U-Coin can also be bought in the in-game exchange centers where players buy U-Gold in exchange for their U-Coin. It will have an initial supply of 5 Billion.

Utility of U-Gold

  • This token will be used for the Play-to-Earn mode, it will be listed in our public exchange and be bought at the exchange with U-Coins (1 U-coin = # U-Gold). U-Gold can also be traded for U-Coin either in the official exchange center managed by the ATS group or in depots where players can directly exchange their U-Golds and U-Coins and the depots will act as the escrow.

  • Purchase in-game items like basic armor, shields, and any basic leveling-up items. When a character is newly created, that character will be given basic tools for leveling up. An example is a knife for killing low-level monsters and 5 healing potions to recover Health Points (HP). U-Gold will be used to buy in-game items that are not NFTs, i.e., items sold by NPCs.

  • It can be collected or earned through winning quests or defeating in-game monsters. Monsters will only drop items after it is killed, and players will have to trade the dropped items for U-Gold in town where Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) are located.

  • Whenever the game is played and every time players collect U-Gold, the game engine will churn in another set of U-Golds equivalent to how much the players obtained to retain the 5 billion token supply in the game. The game engine will always retain the total reserves of U-Gold at 5 billion. Whenever a player trades items for U-Gold from an NPC.


Pockies are NFTs that will be used by players to increase money or in their leveling. Pockies are ERC-1155 tokens and the keys to the game and the Metaverse.

U-Share is another token that will be used. Stakeholder capital will be the source of it. It will be used for the dissemination of shares. It will help form the DAO.