The Dao

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), also known as a decentralized autonomous corporation, is an organization that is represented by rules encoded as a computer program, is transparent, managed by its members, and is not affected by a central government. Users must first join a DAO by purchasing its cryptocurrency to become a member.

The U-Topia Metaverse, with a Play-to-Earn model, has a DAO governance. It aims to target the mainstream media and merge a world welcoming both blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, and gamers and streamers all in one.

NFTs that offer voting capabilities are used to build DAO governance. People who have confirmed possession of these NFT governance tokens in a cryptocurrency wallet are eligible to join a DAO, and membership can be swapped.

Governance is carried out by a series of proposals that members vote on via the blockchain, and having more governance tokens frequently equates to having more voting power. Members' contributions to a DAO's organizational goals can occasionally be recorded and internally paid.