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There will be 5 different kinds of lands inside U-Topia Metaverse

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The Innovation land will be used to build offices and meeting places to hold meetings and conferences. It will also serve as a startup incubation center. It will be a property-based development that will accommodate and foster the growth of tenant firms. It will be so that information may be shared, creativity can be encouraged, technology can be transmitted, and research findings can be turned into commercially viable goods.

Innovation Land

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The Music land will be used to build places to bring record labels as well as attract singers to perform concerts. We are launching music island as musical heaven wherein enthusiasts and musicians from all around the globe can chill out and discover a world of tunes, activities, and limited-edition merchandise. Users may meet artists, participate in engaging adventures, and get access to special stuff. Participants may also create songs and explore sounds at virtual record labels for a realistic auditory experience. 

Music Land

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Fashion and Commerce Land

The Fashion and Commerce land will be used to build places to build stores that will be connected to real-life Shopify Stores. Also, as for fashion, there will be places built for attracting fashion shows.

In the fashion land, users can build their own shops for selling wearables and other people can visit those shops to buy clothes and other wearables from them. Since our metaverse has the unique difference of interoperability from other metaverses, our wearables as NFTs will also be used elsewhere.

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The Sports land will be used to build places to attract game developers to build mini-games and gamers to play them. E-Sports gaming centers and casinos will be built inside, and E-Sports gaming competitions would be organized. It will be more oriented towards age-group level and kids to make the metaverse accessible to every age group.

Sports Land

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