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The third kind of U-Topia token is the Pockie.

Pockies are ERC-721 tokens:

ERC-721 is a standard for representing ownership of non-fungible tokens, that is, where each token is unique. ERC-721 is a more complex standard than ERC-20, with multiple optional extensions, and is split across a number of contracts.

They can be staked in the U-Topia Incubator and the Pockie holders would receive coins for doing that. Pockie holders have the opportunity to sell their pocky or its offspring later on. If it’s still a virgin, it may fetch a better price, since it can produce 2 further offspring. They can be listed on different marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible.

To take part, the user has to buy at least one pockie. The pockie can either be staked in the U-Topia incubator, or it can be used to breed with other pockies to produce offspring. But, to start the game, the user has to attach one pockie with the character.



Male and Females

There are two common kinds of pockies i.e., Male and Female pockies. They will be available for purchase in the marketplace.


This is the second kind of pockie in U-Topia. If your goal is to breed, you should set your eyes on the non-binary, since they are rare pockies, and when matched to either gender, can provide higher chances of producing another non-binary.


Asexuals are the third kind of pocky in U-Topia. Asexuals have less population, thus making them extra rare compared to other pockies. So be sure to avail one from the marketplace if you want to put your hand into breeding.


The percentage division of pockies is described below:

  • 45% Male

  • 45% Female

  • 9% Non-Binary

  • 1% Asexual pockies.

Pockies are able to breed accordingly:


 1. Female and Male can mate and produce another male or female pocky and a possibility of a non-binary, and an extremely small possibility of an asexual. (Common)

 2. Non-binary can mate with either male or female pockies or another non-binary to produce either male or female but greater chances of another non-binary. (Rare)


3. Asexuals can reproduce by themselves and create anything, but could more likely produce another asexual. (Extra Rare)

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