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Atari's Nostalgic NFT Collectibles: Pong and Centipede Revived

Atari has released its Atari Capsule Series of collectible NFTs, which use blockchain technology to evaluate valuables for games like Pong and Centipede. The initiative makes use of sentimentality for vintage video games as well as the recent frenzy of NFTs, which allows for the identification of unique digital objects.

NFTs have proliferated in various areas like as artwork, sports collectibles, and music in the last few months. One example is NBA Top Shot (a digital version of collectible basketball cards). NBA Top Shot, published by Animoca Brands and developed by Dapper Labs, has reached 230 Million USD in revenues just five months after becoming available to the global market. An NFT digital composite by the artist Beeple was purchased for 69.3 Million USD at Christie's. Investors are pumping billions into NFTs, and some of them are gaming enthusiasts.

Dona Bailey (Centipede) and Al Alcorn (Pong), video game trendsetters who contributed to lay the foundation for the industry and were both significantly engaged in the production of this collection of rare retro-collectibles, are honored in this compilation. The first item was auctioned off on March 30th, with the final auction taking place on April 2nd.

This Atari Capsule Series includes a wide range of artifacts at various price ranges to cater to Atari aficionados, Centipede and Pong lovers, amateur lovers, Quidd consumers, cryptocurrency collectors, capitalists, and virtual museums. Quidd, Animoca Brands' digital collectibles division Blockparty, the artist-centric NFT market Harmony, the 1st POS and clustering main net blockchain, and OpenSea, the world's largest NFT platform partnered to deliver the Atari Capsule Collection to customers.

The Atari Capsule Collection's NFTs will be released on the Ethereum and Harmony blockchains, ensuring their origins, validity, and uniqueness while allowing Atari enthusiasts, luxury art connoisseurs, vintage gaming lovers, and crypto capitalists to own a slice of video game history.

Centipede is a fixed shooter arcade game that was introduced in 1981 and quickly was one of the most successful games of its time, as well as one of the first to garner a large feminine pool of players. Dona Bailey, the series' co-creator, is honored in this collection of souvenirs, which includes the series' lone tangible object. Centipede Flagship, a repaired and functional Centipede Coin-Op physical cabinet coupled by one fully interactive, limited edition of one digital Centipede Coin-Op cabinet NFT carrying Dona Bailey's digital autograph.

A unique augmented reality pragmatic experience will be provided to the purchaser of this mixed physical-digital item. Centipede Reality: stylized, pixelated Centipede arcade sprites on 3D NFTs Centipede Artist's Rendition: Centipede-inspired pixel art in 2D digital collectible NFTs Cartridge for Centipede 2600 Classic: NFTs of the original Centipede 2600 cartridge in 3D digital collectible form.

Pong is the classic arcade game, first launched in 1972 and created by Al Alcorn as a learning tool. The hugely popular industrial hit set the foundation for today's $175 billion video gaming business. The Atari Capsule Collection's Pong episode offers the following options for purchase: Pong Flagship (limited edition of one): a unique, fully interactive 3D NFT of the original Pong cabinet, replete with a digital autograph from Al Alcorn. Pong First Quarter Relic (limited series of 3): 3D NFT of the first quarter placed into Andy Capp's Bar's first Pong arcade game in 1972, based on Al Alcorn's genuine physical quarter.


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