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Black Eye Galaxy's Staking Pools: NFT Rewards Unveiled

Black Eye Galaxy has stated that $BYG holders have the option of using the $BYG token and collecting the alliance cards or plants to reward the NFT metaverse economy from a fascinating standpoint.

In light of its new cooperation with SuperLauncher, a blockchain LaunchPad, this project has established a SuperLauncher Alliance membership card pool, which will allow users to access the promised rewards based on the type of membership card they have. It includes choices for BYG membership alliance cardholders, SuperLauncher alliance cardholders, and those looking to acquire planets as a reward.

This event is being held in the hopes of further securing and strengthening the network while also guaranteeing that members and users are fairly paid for their contributions. It is worth noting that the staking requirements and features differ depending on whatever alliance you are a member of.

The staking procedure will span thirty days, regardless of the alliance membership pool or related pool, and no one will be permitted to stake their token more than once per wallet. Those with SuperLauncher Alliance membership cards have access to a pool of 250 NFT cards, which requires users to invest at least 8.800 BYG tokens.

Users can un-stake their assets as they see appropriate, similar to how Pools work. However, they would be denied access to the staking event's prizes if they took this step. The linked pool has 450 NFT cards and a staking threshold of 5.000 BYG cryptographic tokens for holders of the BYG Alliance membership card. The prize for staking assets in both pools is one alliance membership card, which is tradable and transferable. Finally, participants in the Planets pool have access to 30 planets, and much like other pools, you may only stake once per wallet.

The staking length, and the terms associated with un-staking, remain unchanged. However, 33k BYG cryptographic tokens are required to participate in this event. These pools will use the FCFS architecture due to the restricted number of prizes available in this event. To put it another way, it will be first-come-first-served. Those who place their bets early will have a higher chance of winning. Since its introduction, Black Eye Galaxy has received a slew of new features, as well as a brand-new UI and a major collaboration with SuperLauncher.

The main aim is to provide very distinct DeFi and gamification elements on an easy-to-use platform, making decentralization more accessible to a wide array of people within the ecosystem. With the advent of staking pools and events, it provides a more accessible alternative, while enjoying unrivaled entertainment, for anybody who wants to make passive money. This project promises to make an unreal impact on NFT, blockchain, and DeFi’s ecosystems using Unreal at the core of its design.


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