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How Blockchain is Turning Gamers into Investors?

When the NFT currency collectibles became popular in early 2021, they piqued the interest of many in the millennial generation, causing the NFT frenzy to become widespread. Recognizing an opportunity, a multitude of blockchain-based video game companies began trying to enter the new exciting industry.

Even though some people have categorized NFTs, with cryptocurrency jokes, or the GameStop memes exchange hysteria, these tokens are much more than merely a craze; they have significant implementations and have the potential to transform the prospective environment of digital content and how some items are distinctively recognized, accepted, authenticated, and purchased.

A non-fungible token is a digital property that transmits possession of a digital item in its most basic version. NFTs, like cryptocurrencies, use a distributed ledger to securely recognize and confirm a trade's validity and maintain records. Nevertheless, there is a significant distinction between NFTs and cryptocurrency.

NFTs may be utilized in a variety of ways in the game industry to permit the possession and traceability of digital items. First-person shooting and multiplayer combat simulator video games have exploded in popularity as a byproduct of organizations like Riot Games and Epic Games disrupting the market by giving free games.

Aside from the free games, skins, which are usually cosmetic upgrades, clothing, or weaponry that may customize playing characters, have grown increasingly famous, and gamers frequently pay a price for these sorts of changes.

Much more astounding is the reality that people are paying thousands, if not millions of dollars on cosmetics that boost the aesthetic of a video game, characters, or avatars but do nothing to boost the gaming experience directly. Skins are becoming digital artwork for online games, and NFTs can enable professional developers to take possession of and verify their skins in the future if they wish to sell them.

NFTs can also be used for various types of games. Take Warcraft or Minecraft, for example, both video games let players construct their playing universes or maps, and both give a wealth of resources to let players unleash their imagination and construct intricate, one-of-a-kind environments.

As the excitement surrounding NFTs has grown, crypto traders are rapidly turning into crypto-art enthusiasts, and NFTs are now discovering their best use in the realms of online baseball card dealing and NBA highlight collecting.

However, we anticipate that they will become more useful in the future. NFT equities increased from 40.9 million USD in 2018 to more than 338 million USD in 2020, as per, which analyses the industry for NFT transactions. The graph below depicts weekly NFT revenue and transactions for 2021 that have surpassed all of 2020 values in just the first 3 months of this year, as per

With such high amounts of engagement, large corporations are recognizing the opportunity to profit from this rapidly developing game space. The Walking Dead, for instance, would also be available on the network, enabling users to explore a zombie environment inside the video game, in what Sandbox describes as a move towards creating a "digital theme park".

These kinds of businesses are sure to attract a larger demographic to the marketplace. This kind of video game appears to be around to stay. Many video games have successfully maintained online forums in the past, however by introducing the opportunity to earn money; play-to-earn video games have the prospects to become even more popular in the long term.

While speculating and market instability persist, the utility rationale and practicality of NFTs are certain to endure. A foundational system that can offer a trustworthy and confirmed basis of ownership for computer graphics is urgently needed. Ether, a decentralized blockchain system, is a great framework for providing a record that, in effect, ties smart contracts to pieces of digitized artwork.


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