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DJ Deadmau5 Sells NFTs Worth $1 Million

Deadmau5 is teaming up with blockchain network WAX for the blockchain launch. In only a few days, a sequence of NFTs stored on the WAX blockchain was accessible for purchasing. It heralds a transition in the music business, with unique valuables moving from tangible to digital formats.

According to the press statement, “this collection by deadmau5 is the first collection of multimedia assets under the new brand RAREZ, and comprises unique and genuine digitized collectibles for the developing online music business”. “Since NFTs are traded on the network, any deadmau5 collectible can be verified as 100 percent authentic”.

Consider the blockchain to be a library receipt that lists all prior token holders. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, include the identification of data stored in a smart contract. Every NFT is distinct and varied due to the data, which has created a marketplace for digitized collectibles. NFTs, unlike “popular” crypto tokens, have identifiable data in their smart contracts. This information distinguishes and distinguishes each NFT, making them non-interchangeable and rare.

Deadmau5's collections will be offered in two limited sets of packages, "Regular" (4,000 overall accessible) for 9.99 USD and "Big" (2,000 overall accessible) for 28.49 USD, each comprising 10 or 30 digital goods, respectively. As a result, a maximum of 96,940 USD value of packages will be available for purchase. Customers will discover a variety of unique NFTs ranging from "Regular" to "Ultra Unique" within the packages, including stickers and pins, and also black, silver, and gold Deadmau5-themed decks.

"The limited-edition items include original content from deadmau5's latest exhibits, film clips, his collectible pins, and an 'Ultra Rare' part of cooperative works of art by famed 3D graphic artist Sutu Eats Flies, who has worked previously with The Weeknd, John Legend, Pnau, Safia, among others," WAX explained.

Deadmau5's bundles will be accessible for purchase in both real money and cryptocurrency, according to the brand. Customers would be allowed to exchange their items with others or display their holdings on WAX markets and social networks. The NFT sector is still thriving. Fewocious, a 17-year-old artist, has become the first crypto artist to make 1 million USD after one of her crypto arts was bought for 21,350 USD. In addition, one perceptive buyer just acquired a significant NFT stockpile just in time.

The NFT industry has the ability to provide digital treasures to music enthusiasts. In the K-pop fan base, where individual record launches are widely coveted for, some followers enthusiastically accept collectibles. NFTs may be used to sell digitized things such as stickers, gaming skins, autographed digital albums, and much more. The NFT industry is still in its infancy, but it is expected to expand in the next 5 years as the videogame and music sectors. Collaborative efforts such as this one illustrate how creatives may market digital products without relying on a large network like Fortnite.


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