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Indian Artists Celebrate Independence with NFTs

The concept of digital rarity is a crucial component of what blockchain has facilitated. A digital item connected to a blockchain has a comprehensive trail of provenance tied to it, contrasting an MP3 that may be transferred a thousand times.

Similar to the conventional artworks marketplace, one individual may own a print of an Edward Hopper artwork while the other owns a genuine one; while both could be displayed on a wall, only one has real worth. Music and digital artwork are now more collectible than ever before because of this capacity to verify origins.

This August, famous Indian artists Priya Malik, Vinay Kaushal, DJ Shaan, Nehha Rajpal, and Abhishek Bhaskar, among others, have launched non-fungible digital tokens on the WazirX NFT Market to commemorate the essence of harmony and independence. A common subject of defying the conventions, being brave, and breaking out, as a unique homage to India’s 75 magnificent years of freedom, unites the works of these great artists.

Popular poet and writer Priya Malik have taken center stage in the NFT sector with some of her spectacular compositions such as 'Broken but Beautiful' and 'Main 2019 mein 1999 dhoond rahi hoon'. Her next NFT release, 'Azadi,' will be a homage to women and their road to financial independence, consisting of a poem composed specifically for WazirX.

One of the most talked-about NFT products on the marketplace is musician Vinay Kaushal’s 'Trapped-Moral Boxes.' It is fitting freedom of Freedom Day because of its revolutionary subject of breaking the stereotypes in which we are often held. The three-part documentary uses music and dance to illustrate connections between society and materialism. In addition to the digital asset, Vinay Kaushal offers a physical copy of the album with additional advantages to the first collector.

Within hours after jumping onto the platform, DJ Shaan, who represents strength and uniqueness, produced a masterpiece named "The Forbidden Tiger," which sold for 799 WRX. The cause he picked a tiger for this event is unique to DJ Shaan and the country. The tiger, India's national animal, represents uniqueness, bravery, power, and cunning. The music here represents the tiger's vitality and might, while the visual arts must reflect the tiger's royal and savage character.

“The passion economy has offered a new method for artists to profit on creativity and interact with a larger audience”, says Vishakha Singh, Vice President of WazirX NFT Marketplace. WazirX NFT platform is on a quest to provide possibilities for our South Asian local artists, who influence their communities every day via their work. For ages, art and technology have brought people together in many forms.

NFTs is the passion economy’s business solution. “We are thrilled to have some of the most coveted artists on board for August, who will be dropping NFTs based on their unique interpretations of unity and freedom”.

NFTs have been garnering appeal among youngsters and Generation Z since the crypto industry gained a foothold in India. NFT markets are a fantastic way for artists to make money from their work. Since NFT sales are heavily reliant on viral content, Indian producers are also finding traction in the worldwide NFT industry. NFTs are not only a means for artists and creators to interact with their audiences and connect them with the power of art, but they are also a platform for artists and creatives to put the power of art back in their hands.


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