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Mark Cuban has created a Digital Gallery dedicated to flaunt NFTs

Over the last few months, the sales of NFTs have skyrocketed, with artists trading their work for millions of dollars, upsetting the established structures of a worldwide artwork industry long dominated by merchants, exhibitions, and institutes.

A footage of LeBron James stopping a shot during a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game was purchased for 100,000 USD, while Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's inaugural tweet was purchased for 2.9 million USD as an NFT.

Digital artist Mike Winkelmann, often known as Beeple, set a record earlier this year when he auctioned an artwork for 69 Million USD. Grimes and DJ 3LAU, for example, collected between 5 Million USD and 12 Million USD in minutes after selling their digital albums. Snoop Dogg and Lionel Richie have also reportedly signed up to generate content for's upcoming NFT platform, and the marketplace is just getting hotter.

To capitalize on the trend, tycoon Mark Cuban declared the creation of a unique digital gallery dedicated to displaying NFTs in all of their variations. "Folks are inquisitive regarding what other individuals accumulate, so I sought a simple method to exhibit my NFTs and a means to include them in my social profiles, email signatures, and wherever else I can post a link”, remarked the Dallas Mavericks chairman.

As per Cuban, the site, which is currently in beta form, is operational and has already received tens of thousands of visits in its first days. People may register using their MetaMask wallet and an email account. They may publish their NFT collections on various social networking platforms, as well as through email and SMS when they have generated a distinctive URL.

Digital products such as Graphical Images, Pictures, Recordings, and other kinds of digital artwork use non-fungible tokens as proof of legitimacy. Individuals have expended roughly 1 billion USD on digital goods in the last month, according to CryptoSlam statistics.

“People purchased NFTs, made them, and they will need a lazy method to flaunt them off”, Cuban explained. “There simply wasn't a convenient method to do it until”. The procedure for entering the network is straightforward. Visitors may sign up using their MetaMask wallet and an email account. They may publish their NFT collections on social networking sites, and through email and SMS, once they have generated a unique URL. The wallet credentials of individuals are not shown on the site.

In a statement to The Block, Cuban added, "The NFT marketplace is on wildfire." “It would be intriguing to watch what happens subsequently in respect of market penetration and monetary competitive pressure.” The ability to manufacture and trade artwork in the shape of NFTs has helped a number of crypto artists. In the latest issue of The Scoop podcast, the status of the NFT ecology was further investigated.

Cory Van Lew, an artist, talked with The Block regarding the financial and societal issues. “When a group of people gets around for a common goal, the most potent force in the universe is created. It's really simple to be on the similar frequencies, and we're witnessing the magnetization just now,” he explained. “Artists would like to know how they might participate in some of that positive energy,” says the source.


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