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Play-to-Earn Video Game Platform Offers Token Earnings by Racing NFTs

Blockchain-enabled video games, some of which are decentralized programs, on the other hand, place a greater emphasis on producing wealth for gamers. This aspect creates a fundamental change, allowing gamers to fully understand and appreciate the usefulness and worth of items obtained through in-game transactions, normal gaming, or promotional activities. When a gamer buys an armor improvement in conventional games, for example, the sole advantage they get is better gameplay in that specific game.

In a gaming environment that uses cross-platform NFTs, similar armor can be tokenized in a manner that turns in-game transactions into transferrable commodities, which can be used to get advantages throughout interlinked video games or traded for cash or other digital items.

According to DappRadar, a Lithuania-based statistics analytics firm, trade patterns of prominent NFT collections like Axie Infinity, Crypto Punks, and Art Blocks have grown by upwards of three hundred percent in the last month. The upswing came as the marketplace lacked momentum after a record-breaking first quarter that saw a record-high market cap of more than 1.5 billion USD in revenue, and may pave the path for the sector's long-term expansion.

According to the company's recent study, NFTs hauled in over 1.2 billion USD in revenue in July, nearly half of the 2.5 billion USD aggregate selling volume in the first two quarters of 2021, and the DAPP sector as a whole approved upwards of 1.4 million regular active visitors, a 23.72 percent rise from the preceding month.

One of the ways that virtual collectibles are being incorporated is through games, and for an excellent purpose: it motivates gamers and assists them in generating revenue. IOI is among the organizations that focuses not only on the gameplay quality but also on ensuring that gamers make a living.

With over 50 staff, 65,000 gamers, and vigorous development ambitions, it is already a prominent gaming network in Central Europe. Trade Race Manager and IOI wallet are two of IOI's products accessible to its consumers. Last month, the game's racing games were played 480,000 times, the site's visits were 310,000, and the Trace Race Manager page had 3,150,000 views.

The current offering, Trade Race Manager, is a video game wherein players learn about the crypto industry through a play-to-earn approach. Customers of IOI may access a variety of products, such as Trade Race Manager and IOI wallet.

On many blockchains, NFT commodities are interchangeable. They may be used for a variety of applications or traded on open marketplaces like Binance NFT Market, Venly, and OpenSea. The benefit is on-chain stakes, which are reimbursed weekly in the shape of an NFT vehicle or avatars for the Trade Race Manager. They may also be utilized in a variety of races and events regularly.

The IOI wallet is a game-integrated wallet that stores IOI tokens. Based on the quantity of tokens they own, gamers may also bet their tokens to gain money. “IOI enables people in regions where Covid-19 has made it impossible to maintain their social position to earn IOI Tokens using only their smartphone, making lives a bit easier,” IOI Chief Rastislav Bakala explained.

The site is also introducing a Tesla NFT competition, a one-of-a-kind premium subscription game in which players compete with Tesla NFTs for a chance to win an actual car. The player with the most victories at the end of the competition will win a genuine car. IOI is already supported by well-known financiers and registered on KuCoin, Gate, and a variety of decentralized marketplaces such as Uniswap and Pancake.

Polygon, Kucoin labs, OKEx ventures, and Daomaker are among the firms with whom the company has collaborated. The company intends to spread to other nations, including Brazil and Russia, where there is already a large community of gamers engaged in profiting from Blockchain games.


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