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Selling a Meme as an NFT: Instagram Account's Success

Once, Individuals who owned viral photographs used to make a small profit from it. The ‘original' now has the opportunity to be traded for a large quantity of money. But, are purchasers, astute businessmen or naive patsies?

How much would someone pay to buy a viral meme? Is it $2000, $5000, or $10000? It is highly likely that you would be outbid in the auction. Because there are people who are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of US dollars to own a meme.

But what exactly does it mean to own a meme?

Isn't it true that no one can truly own a meme? Yes, searching for, storing, distributing, and taking screenshots of a meme is and will always be free of cost. The true value is discovered in purchasing and possessing the meme's actual picture or video source and description.

NFTs are a contemporary creator's electronic signature that offers inarguable evidence that this item or a meme, in this case, is really genuine, similar to how there can be thousands of Picasso copies but only actual masterpieces possess the wealth in the artwork. That evidence is just what matters.

As major Instagram users strive to maintain consistent revenue on the site, monetizing their unique digital works somewhere appears to be the next logical step. Meme profiles are constantly keeping an eye on what is trending, so it is only natural that they would try to profit from something they already do for free. It is simpler to understand how this procedure functions by speaking with someone who has previously worked it out.

A person who goes by the Instagram profile IGotSilver told Forbes that, “I began generating memes on the spur of the moment. I believe the first "Meme" I ever created was by putting a photo of a friend onto a can of ravioli. Sure, it appeared to be garbage, but when the remainder of my friend circle had seen it, they liked it! Their comments prompted me to begin editing, and as I continued to edit, I found myself inadvertently creating memes.”

Many memes have become popular on social networking sites by combining the perfect contextually appropriate picture with a humorous text. How so? When it boils back to it, memes are based on a universal sense: humor.

While the purpose of these online insider puns is generally to make you smile, a few of these memes are really important. Some astute netizens have earned money by creating, manufacturing, and monetizing memes that attract a worldwide audience. However, it is not as simple as throwing a smart comment on a handful of funny photos and expecting your bank balance to explode.

You must first establish a reputation before marketing your meme. The great news is that you may do all this from the convenience of your private residence only utilizing your cellphone.

To begin, specialists recommend creating various social networking profiles and broadcasting your photos to admirers. You may ultimately contact businesses that you believe would profit from certain meme-related exposure and develop collaborative connections. Several other platforms may assist you in launching your meme business.

MemesChain is a marketplace for copyrights based on blockchain technology. Blockchain is the technology that underpins all cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. You may purchase, share, or sell your Memes with confidence, knowing that copyright will be safely recorded - guaranteeing that your memes are not plagiarized.

However, after you have done all of that publicity and your meme really goes viral; there is a great chance that your meme could sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some of the instances are “The Disaster Girl” meme, which was sold for a whopping $430,000. Another meme made by a Pakistani boy based on his friendship being ended went viral, and he sold it for $51000.


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