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Tokenplay: The NFTs and Blockchain platform has launched IDO on PolyDEX

Blockchain-enabled video games, some of which are decentralized programs, on the other hand, place a greater emphasis on producing wealth for gamers. This aspect creates a fundamental change, allowing gamers to fully understand and appreciate the usefulness and worth of items obtained through in-game transactions, normal gaming, or promotional activities. When a gamer buys an armor improvement in conventional games, for example, the sole advantage they get is better gameplay in that specific game.

In a gaming environment that uses cross-platform NFTs, though, the similar armor can be tokenized in a manner that turns in-game transactions into transferrable commodities, which can be used to get advantages throughout interlinked video games or traded for cash or other digital items.

Trade patterns of NFT collections like Axie Infinity, Crypto Punks, and Art Blocks have grown by upwards of three hundred percent in the last month. The upswing came as the marketplace lacked momentum after a record-breaking first quarter that saw more than 1.5 billion USD in revenue. The NFT sector of the DAPP sector has seen a 23.72 percent rise in revenue in July, according to NFT's recent study. The report also found that over 1.2 billion USD in revenue was generated by NFTs in July.

Tokenplay is the world's first multi-chain NFT and gameplay network, based on Binance Smart Network and Polygon. Tokenplay's goal is to become the largest NFT and gameplay network in the blockchain sector. Tokenplay allows players to explore and enjoy a variety of games for free, as well as trade any NFT games on the market. Tokenplay's primary functionalities are mining, stakes, polling, and NFTs, all of which promise to provide customers with the greatest Tokenplay experiences possible.

With the add-on farming function, customers may utilize TOP tokens. The quantity of TOP earned via farming is determined by the Farming metrics of each TOP NFTs on the marketplace. A part of the tokens is set aside for user rewards. TOP tokens may be earned by performing missions in the game. Tokenplay's platform is a location wherein players may purchase and trade goods they have earned. Tokenplay is the game's currency, which participants can use to buy properties and territory. NFTs blockchain games are integrated within the network for you to play. Play any game you want after connecting your MetaMask wallet.

Token holders will be able to engage in stakes and receive rewards since a share of the platform's income will be distributed as stakes incentives. Tokenplay ownership allows a gamer to engage in the governing procedure via a decentralized entity that includes propositions and polling mechanisms.

The following are some of Tokenplay's accomplishments:

  • This reality program about entrepreneurship concepts won "Red Bull-Conquer Your Dream" in 2018.

  • The top 15 successful teams in Binance's Vietnam Ultra Marathon received a reward of $25,000.

  • PolyDEX delivers high-yield farming on Polygon through a variety of investments and unique gamification farming techniques.

  • Customers may use PolyDEX to trade tokens on the Polygon platform, offer liquidity by farming, and collect royalties and referrals.

  • Tokenplay IDO will be debuting on PolyLaunch, the PolyDEX Launchpad, and we are excited about it.

Tokenplay is excited for their respected network participants to be allowed to engage in PolyLaunch with security, flexibility, and fair opportunities.


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