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Virtual NFT Expos: The Future of Virtual Galleries

The Nemesis is a progressive company that focuses on providing its users with dynamic gameplay and socializing opportunities. Within the network, people may engage, participate in virtual conferences, chat, and watch videos. Rather than being mere spectators, users may take command of a character in The Nemesis' gaming environment.

The portal organized a virtual exhibition in a game environment in June 2021, with design aspects mirroring the world-famous Dubai Exhibition. Not just for the Nemesis, but also for the realm of NFTs. This was a huge breakthrough. This was the first occasion an NFT-themed digital exhibition had been put in a video game. The digital exhibition was held on June 3rd and 4th.

The Nemesis collaborated with important worldwide organizations, like the Cryptonomist, on this event, with the proactive involvement of its chairman. The Cryptonomist is a major digital repository for blockchain developments, bitcoins, and ICO trade, among other subjects. Coinsilium, Tokenomi, Blockchain Swiss Consortium,, and many of the world's largest blockchain-based companies throughout the globe were among the other collaborators.

The participation of such a diverse group of companies and visitors was contributing to generate excitement for the occasion, which was likely to draw thousands of people.

The festival's headlining artist was Giovanni Motta and his avatar Jonny Boy, but he was not alone. Record artist Neil McLellan, businessperson and author Aaron Koenig, crypto financier Jurgen Hoebarth, community hacker and TEDx speaker Roxana Nasoi, and several others were among the foreign visitors and exhibitors at the Exhibition.

The magnificent atmosphere was modeled on the real-life settings of the Dubai Exhibition infrastructure, and visitors had the chance to tour it. Visitors were encouraged to communicate with each other, watch discussion events and conferences, play online games, and earn rewards at the Exposition, which was a wonderful way to acquaint oneself with the maximum scope of the Nemesis philosophy.

Such shows have sprouted up all over the digital realms, with NFT artworks frequently on display. Here is an instance of a high-profile case:

Metapurse, the purchaser of Beeple's $69.3 million art at Christie's, has built B.20, a museum on Cryptovoxels to house their collections of additional Mike Winkelmann works. The Museum of Crypto Art has opened its doors on Somnium Space to exhibit and nurture online arts, whereas Kate Vass Galerie has opened an Espen Kluge solo show.

Anika Meier, the exhibition's organizer, explained how the digital version transforms the visiting process by allowing viewers to engage with the artwork or even topple it over, which would have been prohibited in a corporeal environment. Besides, what better place for virtual arts to exist than in the virtual realm?

Decentraland, for example, has been instrumental in bringing NFT musicians from all over the world together. Samuel Hamilton, the corporation's Social and Programs head, said, "In 2020, we hosted the inaugural annual Genesis City Art Week and created digital exhibits for all of the major artwork networks, including SuperRare, Known Origin, Makers Place, and several others".

"This inspired artists and proved the metaverse's enormous value for NFT artwork; and since we have seen dozens of artist-built exhibitions spring up around Decentraland."


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